Running on Stars, Breathing in Water

This morning, like the last two, I ran across stars, not even certain that my feet touched the ground. Along the grey, still water that reflected the far-off white-capped Olympics that mirrored their craggy edges, I ran. The water was still, save the occasional soft rain that also entered my sleep.

Breaking the Curse of Knowledge

We all have it. It’s not our fault. It’s a challenging part of being human. But, there’s a cure. It’s called the “Curse of Knowledge.” It’s a Curse because it assumes. The Curse is a cognitive and emotional bias that a communicating individual has when expressing themselves to another or a

On Artistry.

I’m thinking of beauty and artistry, in its many forms, and how the simplest things that inform our mind and mind’s eye when there is space and presence to do so. The role of art or artistry has little to do with functionalism or the creation of artifact. It has

What Sound Did Your Year Make?

A year’s reflection through sensory metaphor. Recently I was reflecting on my year and the scene that entered my mind came through a unusual doorway. The scene was that of a drum set tumbling down two flights of stairs, and it came through as sound sound in addition to the

Creation & ReCreation

Refueling our Creative Spirit Through Deep Rejuvination Part of the natural course of creative evolution is to begin again or begin anew. Work in the creative professional realm calls on us to constantly create and recreate—sometimes for us, mostly for others. There is truth to this regardless of what title

Humbled by.

Sometimes you find yourself in a place with time to pause and you remember the miracles of life. You find yourself in awe of the children you and your amazing mate have brought into the world. A young man about to give a presentation to his school. Focused on an

The Lightness of Responsibility

I had dream conversation last night with an old friend who, in my mind’s eye, is always smiling, laughing. She’s bright, talented and full of light. When she laughs, she laughs big; throws her head back and laughs with her whole body. You can feel her laughter run through you.

Turning into a Man, Today.

Yesterday, after a surf session at one of my local breaks, I paused to watch the beautiful head-high waves roll in. It was, on this fall day in the midst of a our surreal election season, a peaceful moment. Then, directly in front of me, seven young men taught each

I’ll have a heaping serving of philia, please.

The power and need of brotherly love. Over the last two weeks I’ve had three speaking events, a high-stakes presentation to client and a TV news interview. Upon reflection, it strikes me that the act of putting oneself out there and up on stage, creates a paradox of separation and

Where Sameness meets Newness

A Fusion of Rituals Each morning I wake up at about 4:45 am or so. Usually prior to a preset alarm. I rise, get cleaned and head downstairs to our sitting room. There’s lots of open space in that room. Some days a candle is lit in the early predawn. There

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