Why poetry?

Some folks may be wondering why in the would would anyone want to leave poetry for others to read in the community, natural or otherwise?

The art form of poetry is such that it creates at once, a laser pointed focus on the topic at hand through distilled and finely curated language and, at the same time, it brings a bigness to the poem that can take the reader, through seemingly simplified language into a world of possibility.

Good poetry, like any great art, disarms us. It carries us from the strategic mind that rules our over-busy worlds, into a realm where we’re invited to slow down and create space for both seen and unseen possibilities. Through poetry we can see our lives and the living of it anew.

The poet David Whyte says that “poetry is a language for which there are no defenses.”

To be clear communal acts of beauty are not for everyone, but they are for anyone. Some will not pause and reflect into the works. Some will not even notice them. But for those who do, the saying that goes “when the student is ready, the teaching will appear” applies. These offerings are here for you to do with what you will, and take whatever gifts that appear in your path.

Our only real obligation in life is to be true to ourselves. Discovering what’s true is part of the beauty of our own personal journey.

The poetry on this site (through blog posts on the home page) has been shared either through our poetry box or in our nature-planted sharings.

You may find these nature-planted poetic sharings of hiking inspiration alongside the trails at Los Peñasquitos Canyon Preserve or elsewhere in San Diego, and beyond.

With deep respect to all poets that we share, credit is always given to that poet and, when possible, a link is shared to their site.

Below are inks to poets that we’ve shared on this site and we’re aware have their own home page:


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