A Daily Journey, by Steven Morris

A Daily Journey

And we walked
on the foggy low-lit trail
Burned at the edges,
Rising, stride by stride,
slow then quick
Then slow.

With gratitude—
Each step became
More deliberate—
More lifted—
More alive—
More amore—

Leading to that rare place that rests
In the body’s marrow,
The mind’s eye,
The heart’s heart,
And the soul of all.

And the messages went out
With warmth and precision
To those who matter most.

Back where we came from—
Out to the brilliance—
Back to the reckoning—
Out to the stars—
Back to the morning—
Out to the uplift—
Back to the heart—
Out through the body—

And they returned—
Knowing that both sending
And receiving
Completes the electrified circuit.
Both arcs of the orbit
Are necessary to be ’round.

The journey of gratitude
Requires equal measures of
Giving and receiving,
Defies the gravity
of life’s misty limits.
This law,
This secret,
This whisper,
This gift,
Is consciousness born.

— Steven Morris

A Daily Journey_Morris copy

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