Art + Poetry

When art and poetry are shown together it offers the reader a glimpse into a world beyond the imaged poem. While this can sometimes be limiting for the poems contents, I have appreciation for when it is artfully applied and especially when, for instance, a photo of a natural landscape meets a man-made feature, such as path through a deep woods, a doorway into a garden, a beachscape walked along a wild ocean, thoughtful architecture set among a natural world and when people are included immersed within this landscape. This combination of human and her makings fused with the wild and natural world is metaphoric of our journey with good poetry.

When we read poetry we often find ourselves disarmed from the language and meeting imagery, ideas and provocations in new and moving ways. All art is intended to move us. When powerful imagery is teamed with the appropriate words we can move ourselves beyond the landscape we inhabit and into one that we have dared yet to dream.


Source: Art + Poetry

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